[Mapbender-dev] enhance printing module

Marc Jansen jansen.marc at gmx.de
Fri Feb 16 09:57:03 EST 2007

Hey Michael, Hey list,

Michael Schulz schrieb:
> Hi Marc,
> new thread following the discussion on the user-list:
> Am 16.02.07 schrieb Marc Jansen <jansen.marc at gmx.de>:
>> Wie schon angedeutet, ich habe mir vorgenommen, den Druck iin Zukunft zu
>> überarbeiten, unter kann dann auch so etwa einfließen.
> Does that aim to the xml/xslt printing suggestion on the wiki?
> I have been looking into the print module the last days, primarily
> because I wanted to generalize the layout calculations and discard the
> separation of A4 portrait format. Another thing is that it would be
> cool, to have a more template-based layout in the print module.
> What are your plans for the print module?

Ok here we go, let's discuss some things about printing:

My thoughts are the following:

    * class_weld2imageFile as ancestor of the other classes. Would be
      way more object-oriented and consistent than the actual stuff
    * creation of PDF like the following: new MB_PDF($options) or
      something like this. This would mean to create a class that
      extends the ezpdf class.
    * The points above are more or less a refactoring to be more flexible
    * add a representation of measured items in the printout (already
      done once and not modularized)
    * Make positioning of elements in the printout more easy: visual
      representation where elements can be positioned by the user (this
      would mean: north-arrow, overview, commentary field) at least to
      all corners of the printout
    * logging of printouts and formats used (to be discussed!)
    * highquality related issues: we should consider the mentioned
      problems and solve them
    * I don't know to much about these thing here:
      maybe somebody can shortly explain.
    * Goal of these changes is
          o having an easier to manage print-module,
          o which offers the user more flexibility and
          o the the developers more precise chances to fix printing
            problems, which most certain will come to discussion in the

Ok these are first thoughts. Do not expect too much too soon. I'm still 
rather busy at the moment (even though I find myself often answering on 
the lists these days)

What else is wanted?

-- Marc

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