[Mapbender-dev] Proposal to add Melchior Moos as a Mapbender developer

Marc Jansen jansen.marc at gmx.de
Wed Jan 17 16:15:50 EST 2007

Hi Melchior, hi list

Melchior Moos schrieb:.
> What do you think about the new tree
> (http://wms1.ccgis.de/mapbender_dev/frames/login.php?name=demo&password=demo&mb_user_myGui=gui_241
> )?

Nice Work! This looks very good, seriously.

OK: I've got some points, I don't know if they have been discussed, as I 
wasn't following this thread or discussion:

- The tree loads very slowly in IE 6.029 (but provides full functionality)
- In IE it seems as if every image gets requested from server after any 
action I take.
- Wouldn't it be nice to have drag'n'drop support? (or is it included 
and I didn't manage to find it?)
(see http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/drag_drop_tree.html)
- I, personally, think it is counter-intuitive that a WMS on top of the 
list is displayed underneath everything else. I think I know the 
technical background for this behaviour, but I think the visible 
representation should simply be reversed. Maybe I'm just too much 
influenced by ArcMap, where the behavioiur is completely reversed (the 
topmost layer in the layer-list is the topmost layer in the map)
- in the source I see lots of code, yet not a single comment: That makes 
it really hard to understand what is happening, at least to me
- the javascript makes heavy use of shorthand if-else-constructions. 
What is general consensus with this issue?
- A general thing. In the generated HTML we have lots of inline 
behaviour assignments:

onclick="showMenu('arrNodes[0][2][0][2][0]', this, event)" ...

Why don't we put these assignments within Javascript-blocks?

// something like this:
myDOM_element.onclick = function () {
   // the functions

BTW: What does the community think about a general decission on some kind of Javascript-framework (prototype, jquery, insert-your-favourite). This would really ease up some of the things we do.

Melchior, don't get me wrong, I really love your tree, I just wanted to 
give some constructive feedback.

All the best,

-- Marc

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