[Mapbender-dev] Test of RC1 / some thoughts

Uli Rothstein (WhereGroup) uli.rothstein at wheregroup.com
Tue Jan 30 04:11:29 EST 2007

dear list-members,

Marc Jansen schrieb:
> Hey Marko, hey List,
>> 2. Test of upgrading a 2.4 version
>>     - everything seems to work fine, too. (The first time I did the 
>> upgrade, I had all entries of gui_layers twice. Don't know, what I did 
>> wrong. Whatever, the second time everything worked pretty nice. )
>> Idea:
>>  I saw, that you set "default_with_oids = true" in the new pgsql 
>> schema, but wouldn't there be a chance for grouped primary-keys for 
>> all the pk-less tables, for example the table gui_layer with a 
>> grouped-pk of fkey_gui_id and fkey_layer_id to prevent double entries. 
>> (same idea for all other tables without PK like 
>> gui_layer,gui_wfs,gui_wms,...)
> I second that, if there are no other relevant issues. I can not see any 
> -- do you? A grouped PK should be the right way to handle theses tables.
>>  Or is there a reason, why there are no PKs at some tables? In my 
>> opinion, there is no logic of having two entries, for example with the 
>> same fkey_gui_id and fkey_layer_id in table gui_layer.
> Yipp, speaking from a database view of things, one does not need two 
> entries with the same values in the field you named. Am I missing 
> something?

I don't now. There may be some technical reasons to publish a layer twice, 
because nonexisting transparency of services for example. So you have more 
flexibility for the arrangement of layers. (But I've never seen such 
constructions in reality...)

best regards

> Good thoughts, Marko!
> -- Marc
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