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Astrid Emde (WhereGroup) astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Mon Mar 5 00:58:34 EST 2007

Hi list,

thanx Marc to push the article forward.

I agree with the structure, just added some topics to 4. functionality.

I think we can take lot of the text from the wiki and just change them a bit.

I added the links to the chapters. Maybe we can build up the article in
the Mapbender WIKI [[OSGeo-News Vol.1 2007 Mapbender]] and discuss it
there. Afterwards Marc can transform it to Latex.

Marc - could you go for it and bring bits an pieces together?


> Hi list,
> if anyone is willing to write the article, I would gladly convert it to
latex-format. I'd like to help on the article's content as well, but I
think we should write the article together.

> A proposed structure (first thoughts):
> 1. Introduction

> 2. What is Mapbender

> 3. Short history of Mapbender
* by now it is not really actual (ended 2006-03) and only in german *
Sebastian could you translate the text to english
(maybe shorten it a bit)

> 4. Functionality
* link to a mapbender_demo, where people can try the functionality (link
will follow Christoph and I are workung on it)
> 4.1 Manage geodata
> 4.2 Visualize, navigate and query geodata
* WFS - search , digitizing
* Metadata handling
* user/group administation

> 5 Future Implementations

> 6 References and weblinks

> Martin Wegmann schrieb:
>> Dear Mapbender developers,
>> for the first OSGeo-News in 2007, we like to ask you to write an
>> article in the "Project Spotlight" section.
>> This sections aims to provide broad and basic introduction for users to
>> interested. Articles ought to be 1-2 pages and be written in Latex. If
you don't have any Latex experience text files with high resolution jpg can
>> be submitted as well.
>> The release data for Vol.1 April, hence the article has to be submitted
>> end of March.
>> For further informations feel free to contact me or visit
>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Newsletter
>> looking forward to a Mapbender article.
>> regards, Martin Wegmann
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