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those of you who have followed the Discuss list might already have read
about it. OSGeo is still looking for projects applying for the Google
summer of code. This is now on very short notice and I hesitate to talk
about it at all because I know that we are all very busy.

But if you have a good, solid idea for a project that could be done in
this framework consider proposing it. Keep in mind that proposing a
project will almost surely make you the mentor at the same time. I know
that some of you have lots of experienc with students from other realms
and know that often the time needed to explain things and help along is
more than what you get back. Bu then again we have never done it on this
scale. Currently there is no web mapping client development project except
in the MapGuide SoC ideas. I guess that you are full of ideas...

Best regards,

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This is sort of a last call to projects interested in participating in
the Google Summer of Code under the OSGeo umbrella.  I will need a pointer to
a page with project ideas and a list of willing mentors - with google
account names for them - at:


I'd encourage some selectivity in picking mentors.  These folks will be
stuck coddling students and will be expected to be supportive, helpful
and knowledgable.  Also, I'd encourage trimming the ideas list to a moderate
length with reasonably well explained ideas.  Random students with no
background in our industry will be reading them and potentially trying to
prepare proposals based on them.

Email me if you have any questions.

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