[Mapbender-dev] Re: Inconsitent PSC job description

Thomas Baschetti Thomas.Baschetti at gmx.de
Mon May 21 08:12:31 EDT 2007


just a few thoughts

Arnulf Christl schrieb:
> On the voting process page it says this:
> http://www.mapbender.org/index.php/Voting_Process#Mapbender_Project_Steering_Committtee 
> Mapbender Project Steering Committtee
> The Mapbender PSC is the day to day activity decision body. Mapbender 
> Code Repository commit and Wiki Editor privileges can only be granted 
> and revoked by the Mapbender PSC. This allows for quick action and is 
> required to manage (operate, run, foster) the project. The inner circle 
> comprises Mapbender developers and contributors (initially this was the 
> CCGIS core development team). The Mapbender PSC is voted by Contributing 
> Members.
> I propose to change this to read what it says here:
> http://www.mapbender.org/index.php/Talk:Voting_Process

looks ok for me, but who decides about SVN commit access as this point
is missing in the proposed change?
> Please discuss. If someone feels like working over the whole process 
> feel free to do so. Have a look at MapServer's RFC23 and related pages, 
> I think they did a good job there.

btw, the page is at

I don't know whether we need such a detailed process (at the moment?),
but what i really like there is the detailed description of the voting process, as it sets an END. As far as i can see we have at least 2
processes running...
(Detailed Process 7.)

Any other opinion?


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