[Mapbender-dev] SLD Editor

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Thu Oct 4 04:34:22 EDT 2007

Hi Joscha,

I'd like to keep this discussion on the list, since i'm happy if there
are others who think that it is really useful :-)

> > For the scenario you describe, keep in mind that the editor is
> > layer-based, but one approach we're also thinking of, is to hook the
> > editor at the treegde ...
> Mit HTML & Co. kenne ich mich nicht so gut aus. Was hat es mit dem
> layer-based auf sich?

The editor creates a sld for each layer of wms, and when you enable
sld usage for a specific wms, then these layer sld snippets are merged
in to one big sld (that was one point why I tended to save the sld in
the file-system)

> Kann man den Editor nicht an beliebiger Stelle im Mapbender "einhängen"?
> Der sollte doch von überall funktionieren, oder? Wir brauchen das
> nämlich bei uns wirklich. :-)

Sure, you could hook the editor where you like, but before we haven't
got a generic integration in mapbender with methods one could use to
customize sld functionality, everyone will come up with his/her own

> Die Idee mit dem Editor im TreeGDE finde ich z.B. super!
Good. This was one of the original hooks, we'll look into it.

Cheers, Michael

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