[Mapbender-dev] SLD Editor- no connection to SLD

Roland Jehle r.jehle at ceit.at
Tue Oct 9 06:54:54 EDT 2007

Hi devs!


As I need parts of the SLD Editor before Mapbender 2.5 comes out, I want
to get an insight in the developements done until now.

Needless to say that everything useful from my part will go back to the

Actually I'm not sure whether MapScript (pfui no OGC!) isn't the better
solution, because I just have to change some colors and class-numbers of
some municipalities layers in the client. After ending the user-session
everything should be like before.

As I found out that the SLD in the DB is not yet connected Michael
Schulz gave the me the following advise:


##You can try a workaround though ... Donwload the sld-editor zip file
from the wiki page:


#You'll find a sld_maprequest.php script, that you can incorporate as an
iframe module "sld_maprequest", that will add the sld parameter as a
vendor specific parameter, with the correct url to #the
sld_function_handler script.


I made a new Modul and connected it sld_maprequest.php. What I got is a
Checkbox "SLD Benutzen".

When I open the SLD Edtior in the "Edit GUI WMS" there is still the old
connection to the SLD_function -handler

I seems that the sld_function_handler.php is not connected. I also found
a different map.php in the code but it seems it doesn't work.

Actually I want to find a way to save the changes made with the



Thanks a lot!



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