[Mapbender-dev] Re: SLD Editor- no connection to SLD

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Thu Oct 11 08:36:07 EDT 2007

Hi Roland,

see answers inline...

> My problem till now is when I open the SLD-Editor, change something, and
> save it the SLD is correctly saved in the DB but the "Vorschau mit SLD"
> don't show me these changes.
> When I have a look at the getMAP-request of the "Vorschau mit SLD" there is
> the URL to the sld_function_handler.php which reads out my made changes
> correctly and they are written in "SLD anzeigen".
> When I look at the source of this HTML window "SLD Anzeigen" the SLD-XML
> looks correct.
> The getMap-Request simply ignores all declarations in the SLD and draws the
> "Bundesländer" layer like without any SLD.

Hmm, this sounds to me more, as if your mapserver can not access the
sld-url. Could you check this by saving the xml to a file and feeding
it with a public url? This layer Bundesländer, from which wms does it
come? Mapserver will need a URL, that is internet accessible from the
mapserver's point of view (e.g. a mapbender server in your lan, will
likely not be accessible from an outside mapserver).

If you are using e.g. this test wms:
from the sld wiki page, try putting this url
http://www.demo.webgis.de/testsld.xml in the SLD-URL field and see if
you can see the yellow Bundesländer.

> After having solved this problem I can start to look how to connect the SLD
> to the Mapbender Layers requests (getMap-Requests).

I am at the moment working on the connection you require, i.e.
create/change a sld for a layer, then use it for the getmap requests
of the wms.

We didn't want to put too much logic in the creation of the getmap
request only for the sld url. It will simply take  the url assigned to
gui_wms_sldurl and add this to the getmap request. This is already
working for static sld-files. What we only need now is to create a url
that gathers all layers-sld to form one wms-sld for this gui. This url
will be a function_handler url, probably with a new function name
(since the old way of requesting a comma seperated list of layernames
will not be used).

> Generally I want to say that from my point a view there are two main use
> cases for the SLD Editor:
> A)      For an administrator to make changes in the layers and save them:
> e.g. to show through filter encoding only the parcels of 1 Person. For this
> chase the SLD Editor of Markus Krzyzanowski is good.
> B)      For the users in the GUI to do very simple things like change colors
> and class size. Mapbuilder has integrated this already with Javascript in
> the newest release.

I totally agree. Mapbender 2.5 will have the A) functionality. For B)
we want to be able to build customized mini-sld-editors (e.g. for only
changing color, or complexer for creating filters ...) that can also
be linked to layers or wms of a gui. Or in my use-case add wms
dynamically with a filter sld ...

Cheers, Michael

BTW.: I started to put some discussable points of the implementation
on the sld wiki discussion page:
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