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Hi Michael,

Have the same behaviour at my fresh installed 2.4.3 Version. Additional, I have problems with IE6 and IE7 and the opacity. Is this the "normal" png transparent problem behaviour? Thought that ms would have fixed it in IE7? 

Marko Samson

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with a fresh mapbender 2.4.3 installation we have the following problem:

When opacity_up/down is enabled for the treegde2, and you click the first time on "opacity down" for a certain wms, the opacity is lowered to 0 aka the map is fully transparent. Subsequent clicks on opacity up/down behave normally, i.e. raising/lowering the opacity by steps of 20%.

Is this the intended behaviour?

I can't test this on mapbender.telascience since the test login doesn't work, but if anyone else could test this and report, I'll open a ticket for it.

Cheers, Michael

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