[Mapbender-dev] Re: [Mapbender] #117: Adding WMS (module AddWMS) does not automatically make added layer(s) visible

Marc Jansen jansen.marc at gmx.de
Wed Oct 31 11:37:25 EDT 2007

Hi list, Hi Edgar,

we are already thinking of a redesign of the module. See 

How urgent is your need for the changes? Sponsorship of the project is 
always appreciated.

And BTW in my opion you are right... Mapbender is really sometimes hard 
to debug using firebug etc. Lots of this is caused by the use of frames.

All the best...

Mapbender schrieb:
> #117: Adding WMS (module AddWMS) does not automatically make added layer(s)
> visible
> --------------------------+-------------------------------------------------
>   Reporter:  lieuwe       |       Owner:  mapbender_dev at lists.osgeo.org
>       Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new                          
>   Priority:  major        |   Milestone:                               
>  Component:  treeGDE      |     Version:  2.4.3                        
> Resolution:               |    Keywords:  WMS treeGDE                  
> --------------------------+-------------------------------------------------
> Changes (by lieuwe):
>   * component:  administration => treeGDE
> Comment:
>  I have made some changes to "mod_treefolder2.php" (see attachment) to
>  force the rendering WMS layers that are added at runtime. My changes are
>  marked with Edgar in the code.
>  Unfortunately my changes does not work, it leads to runtime errors.
>  I urgently need some help of the developers to solve this problem. I don't
>  have enough knowledge of the internal workings of MapBender 2.4.3. I find
>  it very difficult to debug MapBender(with FireBug) in order to grasp
>  what's happening under the hood of MapBender.
>  We are developing a webmapping application where we use MapBender as
>  mapviewer. The users demand that the layers they added at runtime be drawn
>  automatically.
>  Any help is appreciated.
>  MX.Systems (http://www.mx-groep.nl/) is willing to make donation to the
>  MapBender development team if you can solve this problem for us.
>  Edgar Lieuw A On (MX.Systems)
>  edgar.lieuwaon at mx-groep.nl
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