[Mapbender-dev] Bug in mod_meetingpoint rc5

Samson, Marko Marko.Samson at wald-und-holz.nrw.de
Fri Aug 8 05:37:03 EDT 2008


while building a new gui with the rc5 I got problems with mod_meetingpoint.

I got the error:
parent.frames[mod_meetingPoint_target] is undefined
mod_meetingPoint_run()mod_meet...GISonline (Linie 119)
go()mod_meet...GISonline (Linie 114)
mb_button_click(0)map.php?...b_myBBOX= (Linie 226)
onmouseover()()map.php?...b_myBBOX= (Linie 220)
[Break on this error] parent.frames[mod_meetingPoint_target]....cument.onclick = mod_meetingPoint_click;

Changing Line 47 in mod_meetingpoint from:

echo "var mod_meetingPoint_target = '".$e_target[0]."';";


echo "var mod_meetingPoint_target = '".$e_target."';";

$e_target[0] just returns the 'm' from target mapframe1

solves the problem.

Marko Samson

Marko Samson
Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz NRW
Referat I-5
Albrecht-Thaer-Straße 34
48147 Münster

Tel.:   0251/91797-166(Montags)
Mail: marko.samson at wald-und-holz.nrw.de

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