[Mapbender-dev] Improved build script / automated dump generation

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Wed Aug 13 05:43:03 EDT 2008

Up to now all files were handled manually, which was quite painful.

Here are some ideas for an automated build of the database dumps.

(1) The folder "resources/db/update" will be deleted from SVN. The 
update scripts will be stored seperately for MySQL and PostgreSQL in 
"resources/db/mysql/utf8/update/" and 
"resources/db/postgresql/utf8/update/" (Read about iso-8859-1 later on).

(2) These update folders will contain subfolders for each version (we 
have to come up with a naming convention, like 
"<timestamp>_<version_from>_to_<version_to>"). The <version_from> and 
<version_to> names should also include release candidates.

(3) These subfolder will include various types of update SQLs
(3a) schema updates
(3b) default application updates (changes in "gui", "gui1"...)
(3c) custom application updates

(4) By this, we store a history of update SQLs. The automated update 
routine by Siddharth can then easily find and execute the necessary 
update SQLs.

(5) The file "resources/db/mysql/utf8/mysql_data.sql" will be removed. 
It will be generated using a PHP script that reads and modifies the file 

(6) The folders "resources/db/mysql/iso" and 
"resources/db/postgresql/iso" will be removed from SVN.

(7) The iso-8859-1 data SQLs and update SQLs will be generated by a PHP 
script, which converts the character set via iconv (using 
transliteration). This script has already been written and is already 
being used for building Mapbender 2.5. Of course, some data, like 
translations to the bulgarian language cannot be converted; missing 
characters will be displayed as question marks.

(8) The files "resources/db/mysql/mysql_schema.sql" and 
"resources/db/postgresql/pgsql_schema.sql" (and 
"pgsql_set_sequences.sql") will be generated automatically from an 
entity-relationship graph; the graph will be generated in Dia, and the 
SQL export will be done via the plugin tedia2sql. See 
http://www.mapbender.org/Talk:Deployment for details

(9) The only thing that will have to be done manually are the update 
SQLs and the PostgreSQL data dump. The data dump could later be 
generated automatically as well. We should somehow create an API for 
Mapbender, so that some kind of script automatically builds the template 
application like "gui", "gui1" and also loads WMS, WFS etc. But this is 
beyond 2.6 imho.

Please share your own ideas. We should discuss all these ideas and make 
a motion out of it, so that this mechanism will be used from 2.6 onwards.


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