[Mapbender-dev] WMC: limitation number of Layers/WMS or mb_mapObj[ind].toJSONString() while saving?

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Wed Feb 20 05:18:52 EST 2008

Samson, Marko schrieb:
> Hi Devs,
> is there a limitation by number of WMS or layers respectively the lenght
> of the "mapObject":mb_mapObj[ind].toJSONString() part in
> mod_savewmc.php?
> I have a GUI/application with 21 WMS with perhaps 3 Layers each. When I
> save a WMC, the head of the XML looks normal, but after the Extensions
> part, the Layerlist is missing and it looks like this:
> .
> .
> <Name>Mapbender
> WMC</Name><Title>test</Title><KeywordList><Keyword>Mapbender</Keyword><K
> eyword>WMC</Keyword></KeywordList><Extension/></General><LayerList/></Vi
> ewContext>
> After reducing the number to 3 wms, the xml document looks alright to
> me. Seems to be a limitation or problem of
> "mapObject":mb_mapObj[ind].toJSONString() at mod_savewmc.php line 82?!

Thanks for your interesting remark.

I think was wondering the same some time ago, and I remember faintly it 
has something to do with the server side, the decoding of the JSON 
string of the mapObj.

Either the problem (as I remember it) was not .toJSONString() in 
JavaScript, but the Services_JSON class in PHP, or more likely it was 
something weird regarding stripslashes etc. that I considered 
unresolvable at that time (with the time frame I had then). It depends 
on the magic_quotes_gpc setting in php.ini (which is "on" by default), 
and it might be that the script works if it is "off". It would be nice 
if it worked either way, so maybe we just have to add stripslashes at 
the server side to make it work for the default setting.

What is your settings for magig_quotes_gpc?

If you could check again this would be brilliant. I hope this helps at 
least a little bit.


> BTW: I ofen get this message when loading a 'normal' wmc-xmlfile with
> MB2.4.4:
> syntax error mb_listWMCs.php (line 26)
> window.opener.mb_registerMapObj(old_mapObj[i].frameName,
> old_mapObj[i].element...
> 25 if (old_mapObj[i].frameName != 'overview') {
> 26 window.opener.mb_registerMapObj(old_mapObj[i].frameName,
> old_mapObj[i].elementName, null, , );
> 27
> window.opener.document.getElementById(old_mapObj[i].frameName).style.wid
> th = ;
> 28
> window.opener.document.getElementById(old_mapObj[i].frameName).style.hei
> ght = ;
> 29 }
> Is this a known problem? Whats wrong? When I save a wmc at gui1 with
> germany and mb_users wms and load it, everything works fine (except of
> the overview).
> Greetings,
> Marko
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