[Mapbender-dev] Summary of Mapbender irc meeting, 07.12.2007

Christoph Baudson (WhereGroup) christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Tue Jan 8 05:28:06 EST 2008

This is a short summmary of last Monday's, Jan 7th 2008, irc meeting


See the irc-log-file: http://logs.qgis.org/mapbender/%23mapbender.2008-01-07.log

Next meeting will be on Monday, Jan 14, 17.00 UTC+1


Roll Call

Christoph, Michael, Thomas, Marc, Uli, Marko, Astrid, Melchior


1) License header in scripts

a) use PHP Doc to wrap license header

this was widely regarded as a good idea

b) link to the license to save space and avoid redundancy

we were discussing where to link to. To a local file or to an URL (GNU 
site or Mapbender site)? Michael took responsibility and will consult 
Arnulf, an expert.

2) Mapbender 2.5 (to do list, see 
and follow-ups)

a) AJAX module needs to be removed from all GUIs

Astrid volunteered to do the job.

b) SLD branch needs to be merged into trunk

Michael and Joschka are still testing, will probably happen next week.

c) what GUIs will we have in 2.5?


d) work on the tickets labeled as "Milestone 2.5 release"


e) Where to put the version number of Mapbender?

Kicked off by Marko's idea back in September: 

The idea is to have the version number of Mapbender hardwired, so that 
Mapbender "knows" what version it has. There were various ideas - in 
mapbender.conf - a new constants.php file - a new version.txt file

We still need to work out which solution will be best.

Marko proposed to also store the version number in the database in order 
to check if the database is compatible to the software, which was 
believed to be a sensible idea.

f) Have a release branch for Mapbender 2.5

No objections here

3) how to handle database changes

The idea is to abandon the dbchanges in the wiki, and replace them by 
maintaining the update SQL files in the SVN. Was accepted.


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