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 Christoph - I share you thoughts.

A system.php file would be good for me (constants.php would be fine aswell)

And it would be good to place it in the php folder.


+1 from astrid

Samson, Marko schrieb:
> I agree to your thoughts about 'nonconfigurable' version number.
> A name like constants.php instead of something like version would be nice, too, so we could use it for different things.
> -mapbender.conf for the configuration of Mapbender 
> -constants.php for nonconfigurable constants of Mapbender
> Looks like a clean differentiation to me.
> Next step would be the database thing for the check/setup/update. A table to control the update or sth like that.
> But maybe lets start with the constants.php first?!
> greets,
> Marko Samson
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> On Monday we discussed this at the IRC meeting, citing the protocol
> --
> e) Where to put the version number of Mapbender?
> Kicked off by Marko's idea back in September: 
> http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/mapbender_dev/2007-September/000685.html
> The idea is to have the version number of Mapbender hardwired, so that Mapbender "knows" what version it has. There were various ideas
> - in mapbender.conf
> - a new constants.php file
> - a new version.txt file
> We still need to work out which solution will be best.
> Marko proposed to also store the version number in the database in order to check if the database is compatible to the software, which was believed to be a sensible idea.
> --
> My idea is to have a new PHP file that contains system constants, maybe called system.php. This could be located in "php". The following arguments led me to my suggestions:
> - a PHP file indicates it is a machine readable file, and not a user readable file
> - declaring it as a constant (and not storing it in the conf folder) will indicate that it's not to be changed
> - a javascript variable could easily be derived from that constant
> - the php file is extendable for other possible system wide constants
> The reason I would advise against a conf file is
> - that the version number is not configurable
> The reason I would advise against a txt file is
> - a txt file would suggest that it is regarded human readable, and not machine readable.
> - including a txt file in a php file is not good style
> Please share your thoughts.


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