[Mapbender-dev] different session ID´s

Sascha Bahl sbahl.ml at gismobil.de
Thu Jan 31 08:38:33 EST 2008

Hello developers!

I ´ve a problem with the different session-ids in mapbender version 
2.4.4. When mapbender makes a request for the main map the session-id is 
another as the session-id when i make a printout. The reason is that: 
the request for the printout cames from a php-script 
(class_connector.php) which is execute by the webserver. The request for 
the main map (map.js) cames from the browser with an another session-id 
as the printout. Its logical!

For this reason i can not determine a real session because i have two 
session-ids for one user. So, my wms reserved 2 licences.

Which is the best way to merge the session-ids, respectiveley to use 
only one session-id in mapbender? I would like change the code at this 



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