[Mapbender-dev] motion: change file system layout

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Tue Jul 1 04:47:16 EDT 2008

As most of Mapbender's recent security issues stem from files being 
unnecessarily in the http folder, I think we should move as many files 
as possible out of that directory. Only files which are really loaded 
via http should remain there.


I motion to

- move the PHP classes from /http/classes to /lib (and remove the prefix 
"class_"). We can keep wrappers for the sake of backwards compatibility 
(an old class file would only include a new class file).
- move the external libraries from /http/extensions to /ext

- create a folder /mod which holds a folder for each module (example: 
/mod/mapframe1). Move files from /http/php and /http/javascripts to 
these folders

in Mapbender 2.6 (est. release date Sep 15, 2008)

I already have a working experimental version in /branches/testbaudson_dev.

The rest will remain untouched now, but will be moved to the new folders 
later on (there is no need for http/frames, http/html, http/include, 
http/print). I'm not sure how to deal with http/javascripts and 
http/php, maybe we should have a http/mod folder as well? I'm also not 
sure about /http/sld.

This approach also helps to
- isolate modules from the core
- optimize the core
- remove deprecated modules
- exchange modules

For customizations, we recommended to add a folder /http/x_<project 
name> in the past. This folder could be replaced by folders mod/<project 
name>_<module name>. This would help us to integrate modules developed 
for specific scenarios into the Mapbender generic development, and also 
to update overwhelmingly customized Mapbenders. Sustainability is the 



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