[Mapbender-dev] SoC Report: Mapbender Administration Modules

Len Kne knex0001 at umn.edu
Fri Jul 25 10:09:29 EDT 2008

Mapbender Administration Modules Update for the week ending July 25
Have a working prototype for user management.  Much of my time this week was
spent learning about the details of JSON which seems fairly straight forward
now, but took much work for me to understand it.  Here is a link to the test
Next week, switching gears a little to work on form validation and how
management of groups can be added.  Also thinking about adding the ability
to add users to a Mapbender application from this screen.  Currently, when a
user is created in Mapbender, three separate application are needed - create
user, add to groups, add to applications.  Seems like these three
functionalities should be able to be available on one screen.
No blocks, just slowly learning.
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