[Mapbender-dev] Checksum build script committed

Siddharth Prakash Singh spsneo at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 04:46:05 EDT 2008

Hello devs,
Checksum Build script is ready and I have committed the files in spsneo_dev

What does the script do ?
This script will scan all the directories in the installation folder and
produce sha1 checksum for all the files. These sha1 checksums are stored in
the checksum.json files in every directory.

How to execute this script:
This script is to be executed during the build process of a mapbender
release. This is a php script and must be run from command line. Executable
script is in build folder named build-checksum.php . Hence it can be run
$ php build-checksum.php

Before running the script enter the  path to the installation folder in the
constant ROOTDIR which is defined in build-checksum.php.
There is also an array dir_not_to_scan which contains the name of the
directories which are not to be scanned as these are prone to change in
user's installation. By default I have added the following directories:
conf, log, license, update, and resources. Beside these '.' and '..' are
always to be there in this array.

Features of this script:
This script does not scan hidden directories and does not produce checksum
of hidden files. It also does not produce checksum of checksum.json file.
Hidden directories are those which starts with a dot and hidden files are
those which start with a dot or which ends with tilde (~).

Any comments , queries , suggestions??

Siddharth Prakash Singh
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