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Siddharth Singh spsneo at gmail.com
Sun May 11 04:58:10 EDT 2008

Altertunes - Get Music SocialHi,I recently joined Altertunes. It's an online music search and recommendation system with over ten thousand artists and 1 million songs from 150 different genres.I want you to Sign up with Altertunes and start your musical experience.With Altertunes you can: Listen to over 10,000 artists online for free. Connect to old friends and make new friends with similar musical tastes. Get Videos, Images, Similar Artists, Similar Users, Lyrics, Guitar Tabs and much more for the song you play. Dedicate and Share a song with your friends, family and loved one's. Embed Alterplayer on your Blogs, Websites, Facebook Profiles and Orkut Scraps. Add Altertunes Facebook Application on your facebook profiles.Enjoy your musical journey with Altertunes,Siddharth SinghThis email has been sent to you because   has invited you to join Altertunes.com.If you are not the intended recipient of this mail kindly ignore this email.If you do not want you receive any further invitations for Altertunes.com, click the below link to add yourself to the 'DO NOT INVITE' databasehttp://altertunes.com/donotinvite.php?dni=9183e3146bb0df25f9e6c802b2569223

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