[Mapbender-dev] [GSoC09] Mapbender CSW Client - Final Report

Armin Retterath armin.retterath at lvermgeo.rlp.de
Fri Aug 28 03:35:31 EDT 2009

hello mifan,

thank you very much for your fine implementation of the essential classes for 
mapbenders csw interface. i think, that we have now the right way to 
integrate different ogc catalogues into mapbender.

the next things for the community to do, are:
- collecting the results into a special mapbender profile of geo-metadata 
(service and dataset) - for using them to integrate ows into mapbender or 
zoom to a metadata extent.
- maybe chaching relevant information (which will be defined by the selection 
of metadata results by users) into a mapbender metadata table. There can the 
relevance be stored.
- another way may be the using of geonetworks csw interface. - then mapbender 
would only be used as a client for the geonetwork broker. 

the last two options should be tested ;-)


Am Freitag 28 August 2009 07:28:45 schrieb Mifan Careem:
> Final report for the Mapbender Catalog Service for Web Client is here:
> http://www.mapbender.org/CSW_final_report
> My special thanks go to Google for the wonderful program, OSGEO and its
> GSoC administrators for their wonderful job, Mapbender, Armin and the
> developer community who helped me out in many a tight knot and my mentor
> - Christopher Baudson for his continuous support.
> Looking forwards to continuing the contribution...
> Cheers, all.
> Mifan
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