[Mapbender-dev] Report from the Mapbender developer Sprint in Bonn 12-12-2009

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Tue Dec 15 05:08:12 EST 2009

Hello Mapbender Community,

last saturday the Mapbender development sprint 
<http://www.mapbender.org/2009-12_Mapbender_Development_Sprint> [1] took 
place in Bonn, Germany. We had discussed our roadmap [2] at previous IRC 
meetings and started to work on it right away. Ten developer came to 
Bonn and it was a very productive day.

1. We created a new application using jQuery UI

We have for example created a new application at Telascience [3]. It 
uses several jQuery UI [4] components, like accordion, slider or dialog. 
It furthermore uses jQuery effects to create a pseudo slippy map, along 
with double click zoom in/out or mousewheel zoom. We have also made use 
of the jQuery UI CSS Framework [5] for theming. The application contains 
a WMS with time parameter. With the slider you can effect the WMS result.

It's still a very basic and experimental application, but it was a great 
team effort. We will continue to improve this application over the next 
months, until it is released in Mapbender 2.7. A big thanks to all who 
were involved!

2. We improved the Mapbender update process
We had a look at the update SQLs for Mapbender
 * We modified the SQLs so they have effect on the user elements too
 * We modified the SQLs so they can be run several times without 
destroying the application.
 * We wrote a new script update.sh that runs only the update files (you 
can define a cron job to checkout the actual files from the svn and run 
the actual update scripts to keep you Mapbender up-to-date
 * We set up an installation of Mapbender trunk on telescience.org where 
this process is run.

Have a look at Mapbender Telescience [8]. You can create your own 
account. <http://mapbender.telascience.org/mapbender_trunk/>

3. We integrated CSW in Mapbender
 * we merged the code which was written by Mifan Careem in GSoC 2009 to 
 * you find a CSW demo at [6]. Try to search water and get results.

You find informations on what we did at the development sprint at [7]. 
Have a look at the report on mapbender Blog [9].

Thanks to all who were involved! It was a great day and we are looking 
forward to FOSSGIS 2010 in Osnabrück, where we will present Mapbender 
2.7 and hopefully will meet some of you there.

If you want to get involved in Mapbender development, documentation or 
on another focus please let us know. You are welcome.

Best regards


[1] http://www.mapbender.org/2009-12_Mapbender_Development_Sprint
[2] Link to roadmap: http://trac.osgeo.org/mapbender/roadmap
[4] jQuery UI http://jqueryui.com/
[5] jQuery UI CSS Framework http://jqueryui.com/docs/Theming/API
[6] CSW demo application 
[8] http://mapbender.telascience.org/mapbender_trunk/
[9] http://www.osgeo.org/blog/462

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