[Mapbender-dev] loading gui in an iframe cause problems because of blocked cookies in IE 6 and above

Peter Freimuth pfreimuth at arcor.de
Mon Feb 9 03:36:54 EST 2009

Hi List,
we are struggling arround with a problem using a mapbender GUI inside of
an iframe. The iframe loads the gui with an accesskey which will allow a
one time login to this gui. During the Login a default user/password
combination is automatically used to follow the standard login procedure
if the accesskey is valid and the i frame should load the GUI without
further interuption. In IE this does'nt work all the times. Sometimes
the Login Page is showed instead of the GUI because IE blocks some
cookies. We received the following link which seems to describe exactly
this problem (This seems to be an Internet Explorer issue as you can see
in some pages I found in Google

Any solutions or workarounds! Thanks for all hints to solve this problem!

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