[Mapbender-dev] How can we bring together print dynamic and print with PDF-template

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Fri Jun 12 08:57:26 EDT 2009

Hi Astrid,

we are currently looking at combinig these modules, therefore
Christoph created a brnach with the print dynamic stuff in it. the
print template stuff is developed against trunk, so one part of the
merging process would also mean bringing the print dynamic stuff up to
trunk (it is currently developped for 2.5.1)

If you have a look at the print template stuff (esp. the class
diagramm, I think this is on the general talk:print wiki page) you'll
find that there are still some parts missing (e.g. legend). Also I
think we'll need a cleanup round, also for the JSON configuration, so
realistic (without increase of funding) we'll still need the time
until the 2.7 freeze date. I'd really like to see the printing of the
gui transparency also realized in these efforts.

Cheers, Michael

2009/6/12 Astrid Emde <astrid.emde at wheregroup.com>:
> Hello devs,
> we have two new print-modules print_dynamic [1] and printPDF with
> PDF-template [2]. It would be nice to bring these modules together.
> Christoph and Michael - do you already have an idea how this can happen and
> how much effort this will be?
> Best regards astrid
> [1] http://www.mapbender.org/Print_dynamic
> [2] http://www.mapbender.org/PrintPDF_with_template
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