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Dear List,

I met with Christoph yesterday to discuss what the new admininterface for mapbender could look like.
This is a summary of our discussion.

I created two nonfunctional sketches to illustrate two ideas  

A) A more "function centric" view (see [1])

 This is similar to the admin2_.., so I won't explain much.
 The entries here are roughly grouped by functionality.
 After opening the desired function, the objects to operate on
 are selected.

B) A more "object centric" view (see [2])

 This is what I came up with before digging into the depth of the mapbender code.

 The top menu (Users | WMS | WFS | GUI | Options)  could be tabs, 
 that select different modules.  In the example "Users" is open 
 (because it is very simple) to show the basic idea.

 WMS, WFS, GUI and  Users all act similar in that there is a list of them,
 and each entry needs to be configured.
 The list on the left lists the entries, lets a user apply a simple filter on the name of the entry and 
 links to the "add new <entry>".

 Clicking on a listentry opens it's configuration pages. In my example
 setting the username, password, etc. is done underneath the "core data"-tab
 and users rights could be assigned underneath the "rights"-tab.

 The desired object is selected first and the functionality exposed afterwards.

These are just rough sketches,  and now I am looking for ideas, questions and criticism
from you to find out where I should be going. 
Seven, I recall you expressing interest in the userinterface design, I am very open to suggestions.


[1] http://karim.malhas.de/gsoc09/sketchA.html
[2] http://karim.malhas.de/gsoc09/sketchB.xml

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