[Mapbender-dev] GeoPrisma implements security proxy

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Fri Oct 23 21:43:38 EDT 2009

the new project GeoPrisma [1] (unknowingly) follows what Mapbender has
been doing with OWS Proxy over the past years. I have a chance to talk to
them today at the FOSS4G code sprint to find out where we can collaborate
and /or reuse and report what we come up with. If you have a chance to
look into GeoPrisma [1] and have specific comments or ideas pls let me
know. There will be a mailing list at OSGeo that will be published soon.

Maybe it also fits in with the upcoming OGC Authentication IE.

Best regards,

[1] http://geoprisma.org

Arnulf Christl

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