[Mapbender-dev] Catalog Service Get Query

Mifan Careem mifan at opensource.lk
Sat Apr 3 13:30:21 EDT 2010

Hi List--,
I'm debugging the CSW code I created sometime back to try to get the
csw:AnyText search via GET to work again, and would appreciate some help
on it.
According to the CSW spec, a sample URL (keyword-value pair encoded)
would look like this for a  AnyText query via GET:
http://geomatics.nlr.nl/excat/csw?request=GetRecords&service=CSW&ResultType=results&TypeNames=csw:Record&version=2.0.2&constraintlanguage=cqltext&constraint="csw:AnyText Like '%water%'"
The last bit will be url_encoded to give the following:
 My issue is that running the above query (just typing it in a browser)
gives the total set of results and not a subset of results with 'water'
in it. If I can get the AnyText search to work on the browser, then I
can get the same to work from MB as well - this was working previously
but now for some reason it isn't.
Can anyone figure out what is wrong with the above URL to do a
successful csw:AnyText query? Is it because some of the catalogs do not
support this?

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