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maybe this is the way to go forward. Instead of trying to improve the
*generic* access to WFS by creating ever more complex user
administration interfaces, open up the API for developer and
designer(!). Then it should be possible to work with the properties of
the WFS (from the DB back end) and the elements returned from a query
even with fairly little software development know-how. I can elaborate
on this is it is not clear what I try to say.

The question is at what point we should stop trying to enhance the
administrative interfaces and rather improve the API, documentation and
tutorials to go forward and enhance programmable access to the objects
and properties.

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Subject: [Mapbender-users] show own search result in map and overview
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 16:58:24 +0200
From: Andreas Voit <a_voit at gmx.at>
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i have to do a complex search formular, so I couldn't use the standard
gazeteer search formular.

I used some php and javascript code to build up my formular. the
searching is great and it displays the result in a nice popup window.
But I can't show the result in the map.

I know that url parameters for the standard gazeteer are
target=mapframe, overview. I don't know how to access them.

Probaly is it possible to use the standard gazeteer for showing my
search results? I want to send a geometry to the gazetteer module and
then it shoud zoom to the geometry.

is that possible and how?

my system settings:

Mapbender 2.6
Windows XP + SP3
XAMPP 1.7.3
Datenbank Postgres 8.4 + PostGIS
GeoServer 2.0.1


Andreas Voit
FH-Wiener Neustadt
2700 Wiener Neustadt
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