[Mapbender_dev] [Mapbender] #667: Creating new GET API for Mapbender resources

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Wed Aug 4 05:52:14 EDT 2010

#667: Creating new GET API for Mapbender resources
 Reporter:  armin11  |       Owner:  dev               
     Type:  task     |      Status:  new               
 Priority:  major    |   Milestone:  Geoportal RLP sync
Component:  core     |     Version:  2.7 rc1           
 Keywords:  api      |  
 The old api which is used to give resources to the mapbender client should
 be exchanged by the new one which is described on
 The api e.g. is used to invoke the mapbender client from the content
 management system typo3 which generates the result list from the mapbender
 metadata search interface.

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