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Manns, Marc manns at
Wed Aug 4 08:50:18 EDT 2010

Hi all,

first of all, i want to say that it's great to know we (finally) got a logo.

About the text Logo:
The first one is my favorite too.(Mapbender_logo_and_text.png).  

I think, the logo above the text block appears too fat.

About the splash screens:
I like the fading one too, but it could be little bit slower and smaller.
I will create (some) another version(s) this days.

regards Marc

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Hello devs,

in the IRC meeting yesterday [1] we discussed about the logo-versions we have for discussion. We where only 3 PSC members discussing, so we did not think we can make decisions.

This is what we discussed (TB, CB, AE):

Logo +  Text
* our favorite logo is:
* the one we also like is:
* we like it, when the logo is not rotated. The rotated versions are nice, but the logo loose it's meaning

About the Splash Logos:
* the most sympathy is for:

We want to ask you for feedback too. Please send a mail to the dev-list with your feedback till next monday (9.10.2010).

Best regards Astrid

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