[Mapbender-dev] road map Q2

Christoph Baudson (Wheregroup) christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Mon Feb 22 05:12:28 EST 2010

With FOSSGIS being just around the corner, our first milestone of the 
year is almost reached. It's time to think about what we want to do in 
the next quarter.

In my opinion, the next quarter should be used for consolidation of 
existing functionality. We should focus on this

(1) refactor existing modules (admin and map apps), and document them

* All modules should be compliant to the Mapbender JavaScript API and 
implement the jQuery UI CSS framework. Modules that do not match these 
criteria will not be included in the next version.

* Some modules should be merged with another, and obsolete modules 
should be removed (especially WFS modules). It should be transparent to 
an admin what each module does, and how it relates to other modules. We 
should agree upon a minimal set of modules, and mark others as untested.

* the admin modules should be implemented following kmq's approach from 
GSoC 2009. The work flow of some components should be re-evaluated and 
maybe refactored (again, especially WFS modules)

(2) release new version and make it stable

* integrate Geoportal-RLP components first

* release stable version in summer, like mid-june (and maybe call it 
3.0, and skip 2.7)

* the release should be done with a group in the Linux hotel

(3) create an infrastructure for automated testing

* concept and prototypical implementation of tests

* build script which automatically runs all JS and PHP tests

I have thought about it for quite some time, and maybe it's best to 
really focus on a release, and have a consistent and coherent product. 
There is no conference or fair in summer so maybe this is the only time 
of the year where there's no pressure to come up with new stuff.

(If we were to focus on consolidation, we would even more need someone 
to sponsor us. I will invite WhereGroup, our primary sponsor so far, to 
the IRC meeting and maybe we can discuss how our road map is consistent 
with theirs. Maybe the people employed at WhereGroup could do some of 
these tasks during their regular hours, which would be a great way to 
sponsor the project. Maybe we could in return list WhereGroup as our 
sponsor at the Mapbender web site. Another sponsor could be Google, if 
we were to be given a slot in GSoC 2010)

With a solid new version, we would again be open to new additions. For 
Q3, I would like to address some interesting stuff for FOSS4G like

* GeoNetwork interface
* GeoExt support
* Mapstraction support or full OpenLayers support

Q3 could be kicked off in Bolsena and last until FOSS4G.

Please comment or discuss later at the IRC meeting,



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