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Arnulf Christl (aka Seven) seven at arnulf.us
Sat Jan 16 04:35:51 EST 2010

Frank's suggestion to the Incubation Committee make a lot of sense to
me, especially the section highlighted below. Should we proceed in this
way and ask developers to declare that they agree to follow our
processes? Just to keep tally of who is on our list. 

Best regards, 

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>>    A document
>>    <http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/deegreeCommitterGuidelines> has
>>    been set up be the PSC. It still needs final review and then has to
>>    be accepted by all committers.
> Yes, this task is not finished yet. Does somebody have advises on a good process for this?

I would suggest asking all developers to announce once they have reviewed
the guidelines if they agree to them on the developer mailing list.  A
tally should be kept, and anyone who doesn't respond in some reasonable
time (and after a bit of prompting) should be removed from the committer
list.  For GDAL I took this as an opportunity to clear away a few inactive

Likewise, having new committers announce their review, and agreement
to the guidelines on the public developers list is a good practice.


For the Mapbender project the comparable relevant page would be: 

Please discuss if required, else I will start a motion for our next IRC
to this effect. But there is no need to hurry if there is need for

Best regards,

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