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the two Pdf files ([2][3])
came from our designer. 
There are different robot templates, 
which we could rebuild(in colors and shapes) to a logo.
All this templates are available in svg too.  


regards Marc

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Christoph Baudson (Wheregroup) wrote:
> Dear devs,
> yesterday I committed an SVG version [1] of my logo suggestion.
> Unfortunately, the globe clip art has not been exported as well. I got 
> it from Inkscape Open Clip Art Library.
> Today, Marc submitted two PDF files [2][3] with more logo suggestions.
> Thanks for your contribution!
> Seven, is the designer you know available?
> What are our next steps?
> Christoph

I give up on the designer I have asked, she just went to go skiing. Marc suggested that he has someone who could look over it. I would suggest to go down that path now. Marc, is your offer still up?

If everything fails I will donate someone professional to do it but that will have to wait until March 1st due to organizational reasons on my side.

Regards, Arnulf.

> [1]
> ender.svg?format=raw
> [2]
> %C3%BCrfe01.pdf?format=raw
> [3]
> %C3%BCrfe.pdf?format=raw
> Arnulf Christl (aka Seven) schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> sorry I could not attend yesterday's meeting, I still was on the road.
>> Thank you for bringing up the logo issue again. I want to get this 
>> done at the next IRC meeting. So please submit your logo proposal by 
>> the end of the week and have a look at the submission we already have:
>> I will put this on the agenda again and will make a motion and vote 
>> and there will be no more excuses and deferrals. If we do not get a 
>> decision done by next week I will jump out the window.
>> I really coulnd't care less *what* logo we will take but I need this 
>> to be decided so that we can at least produce a clean SVG logo and 
>> get rid of the pixel style crap we have at the moment. We can also 
>> stay with the text if that is fine by all.
>> After we have voted on a logo I will check back with a professional 
>> designer for technical details and "cleaning up" and then create an 
>> SVG version.
>> Thanks,

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Arnulf Christl

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