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Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at metaspatial.net
Thu Jun 3 07:30:08 EDT 2010

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I have edited the OSGeo GeojQuery Wiki page and linked back to
Mapbender. Please check whether we could improve that page or add more
links to what we have already done, maybe a demo, screenshot or
something like that. (Today the link from the MainPage to "Mapbender
meets jQuery UI" did not work - again...)

Then I scanned the Mapbender Wiki for information related to jQuery and
found - well, not so much really. This is a bit strange because I
thought that we are using it thoroughly already. Please let me know if
there is useful docs elsewhere to link to. As the jQuery page is one of
the most used in the whole Wiki we might want to add more useful content
to it.

There is a [[Category:jQuery]] that can help to organize things.

While scanning the Wiki for jQuery and development in general I came
across these pages:
* http://www.mapbender.org/Special:WhatLinksHere/Ajax_frameworks
* http://www.mapbender.org/Special:WhatLinksHere/How_to_create_modules

Uli, Christoph,
as they are no linked from anywhere could you please either add more
content, update and link them from somewhere or delete them.

When you move a page to DEPRECATED please make sure that pages linking
to this page are either also DEPRECATED or the link is removed. Pages
that are isolated in this way will eventually show up in the "not linked
to" pages and can be deleted. Example:
* http://www.mapbender.org/AJAX_Tutorial
Is still linked from
* http://www.mapbender.org/Special:WhatLinksHere/AJAX_Tutorial

...so much work to do! Sigh...


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