[Mapbender_dev] User Story 1: Publishing a service

Vikas Banjara vikashbanjara at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 15:14:06 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I will try to write a flow of steps for the use case. Please correct me
wherever I am wrong.

On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 10:26 PM, Arnulf Christl <
arnulf.christl at metaspatial.net> wrote:

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> Hi Vikash,
> here goes the first try for a user story:
> User finds a new service / creates a new service and wants to publish
> it. All that is needed to register a new service is a user name
> (authentication) with email for confirmation, the Capabilities URL of
> the service and whether it should be public.
First the user needs to authenticate himself using a username/password. For
this I am working on plain http authentication with the mapbender server.

The registering of a new service is a Create operation. So, it should be a
POST operation. And the URI should be like this  (assuming that the url of
the mapbender server is www.mapbender.org) -

So to post this user would send four parameters username, email id and
capabilities url and public/private status of the service.

> Q: What happens if this URL (or a similar one?) has already been
> uploaded earlier? Add a counter for the the same URL (uploaded several
> times)?
> A: The Capabilities URL needs to be checked against the ones already in
> the database. -> What happens then?

In case, the capabilities URL already exists, we can send an error to the
user saying that it already exists.

> Q: What happens if the user gets "lost", is deleted, etc.?
> A: ?

I didn't really get this?

> Q: What happens if the service is deleted by another user? (This is
> currently not possible, it would generate an error message).

> Q: What happens if Mapbender cannot read the capabilities document?
> A: Error message & ?

Again can you explain me this?

> Q: Are we going to use this "interface" also to update services or do we
> need to create another one?
> A: ?

To update the service we need to create a separate interface. And that would
be using PUT HTTP command.

> We add these User Stories to the Wiki so that we can refine them there:
> http://www.mapbender.org/Talk:RESTful_API
> Best regads,
> Arnulf.

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