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Arnulf Christl (Seven) seven at arnulf.us
Tue Nov 2 07:54:28 EDT 2010

Hi All,
there is short high level introduction to LinkedData by John Goodwin
from the Ordnance Survey (aimed at non-hackers and good for an
executive introduction).

This blog has a link to a more detailed description of what can be
done with geospatial LinkedData in RDF format:

I can imagine that dealing with geosaptial LinkedData and RDF will be
an important topic in future. Maybe we can look into this and check
how it could influence what we are planning for MB 3.

Best regards,

PS: Sorry that I did not show up in the IRC chat, I was traveling.

On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 3:43 PM, Christoph Baudson
<christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com> wrote:
> Hi list,
> in order to keep the dialogue going, I'm dumping my current state of mind.
> Mapbender 3 will be a rewrite. The server side will be written in PHP. It
> should rely on mature components wherever possible. It will have a RESTful
> API.
> I would suggest focusing on users and services first, and applications later
> on. I'm not too sure about the client side of Mapbender 3, it will have
> OpenLayers, but I'm not sure about the UI components. I think that
> application administration is more sophisticated than service
> administration, so I would like to address this issue later (next year).
> One major issue is the rights management. Currently it's implemented like
> this [1]. We should thoroughly evaluate other approaches, like a
> file-system-like approach. We should write down the limitations of the
> current model in order to find out what needs to be improved. Later I would
> also like to discuss the concept of application inheritance.
> I would like to have WMS conf objects, similar to WFS conf objects (which
> should be renamed to "featuretype configuration"), and real service
> containers (not applications). This will make cascading easier, you could
> put a service container in an existing application. We would also have an
> analogy to OWS: a WMS conf is again a WMS with its own modified
> capabilities, and a service container is simply a WMC. We would not have to
> worry about data formats here.
> I have no real idea about the user interface of the administration. I assume
> Karim would like to have them work without JavaScript, which I would like to
> hear more about. The thing I know is that I want intuitive administration
> interfaces, preferably with different profiles (like novice or expert), so a
> novice can perform 80% of the task with 20% of control elements. I would
> also like to have wizards, like "create your own application": this could
> have a WMS upload/search interface first, then a WMS configuration, and then
> the selection of an application template.
> That's it for now, maybe comment or simply share your state of mind.
> I also suggest a face to face meeting next week, here's the doodle [2]
> Happy weekend, Christoph
> [1] http://www.mapbender.org/Rights_Management
> [2] http://www.doodle.com/8sh93zfcksze65bm
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