[Mapbender_dev] Mapbender 3 dialogue (status)

Thomas Baschetti info at thomas-baschetti.de
Thu Nov 4 05:39:47 EDT 2010


On 04.11.2010 09:45, Christoph Baudson wrote:
> The meeting was productive, we talked a lot about our perspectives on
> Mapbender and exchanged ideas for 3.0. It's good to see people
> listening to each other and acting as a community.
> We also created a list of things we want or no longer want in
> Mapbender 3.0. We passed around a pen and pad, and people added to the
> list. At least seven people contributed to the list. I will share it
> as soon as possible.
good to hear, sounds like you had fun with that. Great.

> Please share your summaries and give feedback.
> I guess we should do this again real soon, maybe next week.

and please share and let us do some online-talks. I don't think all
interested people can meet f2f in Bonn (or elsewhere)...



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