[Mapbender_dev] class_connector with multi_curl?

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Thu Nov 11 04:07:25 EST 2010

Hi Devs,

as previously written , we are dealing at the moment with a tiled
mechanism to enable printing in bigger sizes than a single wms request
would normally allow (due to size restrictions od the wms provider).
This is basically done in class_weldMaps2PNG. When a certain,
configurable image size is requested the tiling mode is activated.
While everything is working fine, we realized bad performance due to
the current nature of class_connector, being only able to handle
requests one after another. Since the amount of requests for a single
WMS rises from 1 (single tile)  to at least 4 or rather 9, it means a
linear  continously increase of the pdf production time.

A possible solution could be to enable class_connector to be able to
handle multiple request via the curl_multi functions. When Mapbender
is used in CURL-Mode and class_connector is given an array of URLs it
could also return an array of results to the caller.

What do you think? I'm not sure whether this could also be used
somewhere else? Or if it is necessary at all somewhere else.

Cheers, Michael

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