[Mapbender_dev] Manual translation

Karim Malhas karim at malhas.de
Mon Nov 15 11:39:13 EST 2010

> Is there any translation of the Mapbender user manual? (english, spanish)

Are you talking about a specific document ? If so, at which URL?

> I'm working in a project using Mapbender, and if there is no translation,
> we'll need to make it.
> It' copyrighted. Does anyone here knows how to procede about the permissions
> for doing that translation and contributing it to the project? Is there a
> better place for asking this questions?

Hey, if you read this in time, there is an irc meeting starting at 1700
UTC in #mapbender on freenode.

I don't think there are any licence problems with doing a translation, in fact
we'd be glad to have one.


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