[Mapbender_dev] Election of project chair

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Tue Sep 14 04:37:34 EDT 2010

At yesterday's IRC meeting we talked about a procedure how to elect the 
Mapbender project chair. Following this dialogue I propose the following 
procedure. Please comment this week, so we can agree upon the rules. If 
there are no objections, the nomination period will start next Monday. 
You also find the document here [1].

* The Mapbender chair is elected for 12 months
* After 12 months, another election is in order, unless the chair wants 
to continue and has a majority with the PSC

* There will be a nomination period of one week prior to the election.
* Nominations must be sent to the Mapbender developer mailing list
* Anyone can nominate or be nominated.
* The nominees should ideally have been asked beforehands.

* There is a voting period of one week
* Votes must be sent to the Mapbender developer mailing list
* Only members of the PSC are allowed to vote.
* Each member has a single vote, you can either vote for a nominee or 
* A nominee needs more than 50% of the votes in order to be elected
* if no one is elected in the first ballot, the nominee with least votes 
is removed from the list of nominees. The voting period is extended for 
another week.

* The PSC can change these rules if they decide unanimously. This allows 
the PSC to figure out what to do if the rules above are insufficient.

[1] http://www.mapbender.org/Category_talk:Chair


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