[Mapbender_dev] Just an old thought on rewriting from scratch

Karim Malhas karim at malhas.de
Fri Apr 8 09:34:24 EDT 2011

I can't find the document anymore, but when I read it, I
thought of Joel and Mapbender. It was about documentation, but it
applies in more areas than that (summarizing from memory):

    When writing documentation, don't write down all the steps you took to
    arrive at a solution - you found the best way, now write down what the
    easiest, correct way to arrive at that solution is so that the people
    reading the documentation will not have take all the detours you took.

So: "Don't pretend to be more stupid that you are."

Applied to Mapbender I would say we are past the date where gradual
improvement would be the faster,easier way to arrive at the kind of
codebase we would like to have, and we would still have to break
backwards compatability along the way. 

We mostly know where the problems lie, we mostly know how to do it
better - why not do that instead of taking the painful tour through
multiple years of incompatible codechanges?

It's true, we not going to use the old codebase, but it doesn't mean we
are ging to start over from scratch -  by using exisiting libraries, as we
are going to, leaves the pluming to them and  let's us focus on the part
that makes Mapbender Mapbender.


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