[Mapbender_dev] Re: [Mapbender-users] demis WMS which is used in Mapbender templated application is not available

Christian Wygoda christian.wygoda at wheregroup.com
Wed Apr 13 03:20:01 EDT 2011

Hm, even the DEMIS website is referring to the gone hostname in their demo 
applications. Simply trying to prune the 2 out of www2 isn't a fix either... 
Either it's gone forever - and DEMIS forgot about it - or it will pop up again 
in couple of days.
What kind of data was served by the DEMIS WMS again? Maybe we have to find an 
alternative source of equivalent data...


On Wednesday, April 13, 2011 08:01:06 am Astrid Emde wrote:
> Hello,
> Looks like the server does not exist anymore
> http://www2.demis.nl/
> --> BAD REQUEST (invalidd hostname)
> MapRequest:
> http://www2.demis.nl/wms/wms.asp?wms=WorldMap&VERSION=1.1.1&REQUEST=GetMap&
> SERVICE=WMS&LAYERS=Bathymetry,Countries,Topography,Hillshading,Builtup%20ar
> eas,Coastlines,Waterbodies,Inundated,Rivers,Streams,Railroads,Highways,Road
> s,Trails,Borders,Cities,Settlements,Spot%20elevations,Airports,Ocean%20feat
> ures&STYLES=,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,&SRS=EPSG:4326&BBOX=-181.3130081300813,-80,1
> 55.3130081300813,89&WIDTH=245&HEIGHT=123&FORMAT=image/png&BGCOLOR=0xffffff&
> TRANSPARENT=TRUE&EXCEPTIONS=application/vnd.ogc.se_inimage
> Can someone check why and have a look for the new demis? We have to update
> our demos, as most of them use demis as background WMS.
> Astrid
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