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Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Sat Feb 19 11:52:38 EST 2011

Hi Arnulf,

On Fri, February 18, 2011 6:45 pm, Seven (aka Arnulf) wrote:
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> Folks,
> thanks for releasing 2.7, that is great news! And I love the new
> Administration interface, that was a great surprise to see.

It is good that 2.7 is out. Thanks to all of you who where involved and
all the bug fixing that is going on. 2.7 will also be on the OSGeoLive 4.5
which is a good thing and a good promotion  for the project.

> But I missed a general note to the user list, twitter, blog, and so on.
> We can do much better when we coordinate this type of event a bit. It is
> a really big step for Mapbender and can attract more people.

The release notice is on the way. kmq is going to send it and has to
discuss on etopic first. It hopefully will come on monday.

> Same applies to our regular meetings (which I unfortunately cannot
> attend anymore due to other obligations). Anyone with an idea how we can
> improve the communication? And it would really help the project if we
> could grow the developer community. With the current product state I think
> we have a really good status again. Marc and me committed to do some more
> outreach including videos of using the new Geoportal-RLP and maybe some
> ESDIN stuff I have been involved with recently. This is the
> perfect time to start doing this.

If monday is not a good meeting time we could look for another day and time.

More promotion for Mapbender would be fine. The new www.geoportal.rlp.de 
is online with version 2.7. I think this could be worth a report. Maybe we
could ask Armin Retterath about this.

> Unfortunately we will not have a workshop at FOSS4G (the first time ever
> since it FOSS4G was born!) and probably also very low representation in
> presentations. This is most unfortunate because we are wasting a lot of
> marketing potential - and this includes all the businesses involved with
> Mapbender. I really don't know how to improve this. All ideas are
> welcome.

The CfP for the FOSS4G is open. We could discuss what we want to present
on FOSS4G and apply for a presentation. That would be very good.
The workshop was different. I thought we do not know what to present in
September whether 3.0 will be already there.

> Best regards,
> Arnulf
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