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#797: Element-vars for WMS
 Reporter:  frankjaeger  |       Owner:  dev        
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new        
 Priority:  minor        |   Milestone:  3.0 release
Component:  wms          |     Version:  2.7        
 Keywords:  featureinfo  |  
 Some WMS have small feature-infos some have big ones.

 Until MB 2.4 (?) the feature-Infos are opened in a new Window.
 With code in the html-template (umn) I got a perfect fitting Window-Size
 for each Info:

   <body onLoad="window.resizeTo(460, 300)">

 Today the featureInfo is opened in an iframe. The code from the template
 doesn't work.

 With element-vars 'featureInfoPopupHeight' and 'featureInfoPopupWidth' the
 size is now defined unique for a gui (application). But the application
 has very different feature-info sizes from different WMS.

 Move this element-vars from gui/element to wms or enable sizes, embedded
 in the html-templates to control the iframe-size.

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