[Mapbender_dev] What about a Mapbender PSC meeting?

Christian Wygoda christian.wygoda at wheregroup.com
Mon Apr 30 08:48:04 EDT 2012


I am guilty of coding a lot on the Manager backend for Mapbender3 during the last weeks. I only commited everything today into the backend branches of the mapbender/mapbender and mapbender/mapbender-start repositories. (I know, stupid)

I yet have to write a short doc on how to get the backend branch up and running, I will do this later this week. For the brave of you: Use the backend branches and run the doctrine:schema:create (will create a SQLite DB) and mapender:resetroot (will interactively create the "root" account) console commands.

There is a lengthy TODOs document [1] which provide insight into what I have dont and what I have found, and most importantly - what needs to be done. All assuming this Manager backend will be approved by the PSC...

This document could/should be part of an agenda for the PSC meeting.

I'd like to write the install doc now, but the temps are crossing 30°C here, so I'll off for now enjoying the day as it lasts.

Sorry again for working on my own during the past weeks. I'll do better.


[1] https://github.com/mapbender/mapbender/blob/backend/TODOs.rst
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> Hello PSC-folks,
> we did not have a PSC meeting for quite while.
> As we have new PSC members it would be a good idea to have a PSC meeting
> and discuss the further development and a roadmap.
> What do you think about this?
> Here you find the PSC members and the idea of PSC
> http://mapbender.org/Mapbender_PSC
> I would suggest a regular PSC meeting - maybe every month? Other suggestions?
> Your feedback is welcome
> Astrid
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