[Mapbender-dev] next step: let's vote new PSC members for the Mapbender project

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Mon Apr 3 02:09:19 PDT 2017


we did not vote for new PSC (Project Steering Committee) members for a 
long time. Some people are not active in the project anymore.


It would be great to have actual developer & active people present in 
Mapbender PSC.

I would like to make a motion.

Axel Schaefer as Chair should be in the PSC too.

Andriy Oblivantsev
Andriy is very active in te Mapbender3 project. He is Mapbender3 
developer & architect, created the digitizer, adds many innovations to 
the project.

David Patzke
David is a Mapbender3 developer since several years. He worked on many 
parts of Mapbender f.e. on digitizer, routing & more.

Rolf Neuberger
New in the project. Enthusiastic developer and new member of the 
Mapbender team.

Please give your feedback.


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