[Mapbender-dev] Add New Layer

Antonio de jesus hernandez Gomez an.jesu.her at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 23:10:38 PDT 2018

a few days ago i have been triying to add a new layer to the map.
Firtly i add a own element, a search with cql because i use geoserver. i
already add the layer but when i zoom in or zoom out  in to the map the
new layer not refresh. the layer just apear when the map is in the zoom in
that i added the layer.

i have the js of my element in this link


and i add the layer in "buscar: function()"

i don´t know if i add the layer in the correct form because is my first
time using mapbender.
Antonio de Jesús Hernández Gómez
Maestro en Ciencias de la Computación
cel. 963 236 57 27
e-mail: antonio_2093 at hotmail.com
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