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#920: failed initialization of EPSG from address search
 Reporter:  SvenLVGL  |      Owner:  dev
     Type:  defect    |     Status:  new
 Priority:  minor     |  Milestone:
Component:  core      |    Version:  2.7.3
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 == Describe the bug

 The map viewer throws error messages and does not work as intended when
 opened directly from the address search if it was not initialized before.

 == To Reproduce

 Steps to reproduce the behavior:
 1. Close your browser.
 2. Open your browser in a private window (no cache/cookies/etc.)
 3. Go directly to the address search, without opening the map viewer
 4. Search a valid address and open the resulting link to view it on the
 5. See error similar to the attached screenshots.

 == Expected behavior

 The map viewer should zoom to the addresses location on the map and
 display a dot to indicate the location.

 == Screenshots


 == Desktop

 Has been tested with

  - Google Chrome
  - Mozilla Firefox
  - Microsoft Internet Explorer
  - Microsoft Edge

 == Additional context

 The fix seems to be found already. The issue is in the file

 The following line seems to produce the problem, if the ''epsg'' has not
 been initialized in this session before.

 $currentEpsg = Mapbender::session()->get("epsg");

 The solution could look like this:

 $currentEpsg = Mapbender::session()->get("epsg");
         if (!$currentEpsg) {
             $currentEpsg = $DEFAULT_EPSG;

 With `DEFAULT_EPSG` being defined in a configuration file that's included.

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