[Mapbender-dev] [Mapbender] #921: INSPIRE ATOM Feed Client - resource identifier

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Thu Aug 8 09:13:14 PDT 2019

#921: INSPIRE ATOM Feed Client - resource identifier
 Reporter:  SvenLVGL                             |      Owner:  dev
     Type:  enhancement                          |     Status:  new
 Priority:  minor                                |  Milestone:
Component:  core                                 |    Version:  2.7.3
 Keywords:  URI, URL, resource identifier,       |
  INSPIRE, ATOM Feed                             |
 When using the **mapbender/plugins/mb_downloadFeedClient.php** the
 resource identifier link is correct, but the shown text (an URL to the
 record in a registry) is shown with a ```#``` that doesn't belong there.

 This can be fixed by changing the file
 **mapbender/http/plugins/mb_downloadFeedServer.php** in line 236.

 identifierAnchor.text(featureCollection.features[i].properties.namespace +
 and the URL is shown correctly.

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